It was a very cold and windy day with snow showers.

This westbound freight with ex-PC power heading for Newberry Yard is running on the former PRR Buffalo Line. The foreground track was the former Reading Main from West Milton to Newberry, truncated by Conrail at the next crossing beyond where a gondola is seen in the distance.This end of the Reading is where Grumman later had a facility where new Grumman LLVs (Long Life Vehicle) assembled nearby at their Montgomery Plant for the USPS were loaded onto autoracks.

ex-PC/CR 8126 → NS 5309 GP38-2

Photo Date
Conrail Road Number
CR 8126
Predecessor Paint Scheme
Post Conrail Owner(s)
Post Conrail Road Number(s)
NS 5309
Submitted by Jim Appleman on Tue, 06/18/2024 - 08:25