Time was running out on this man's flag job in Barberton, Ohio by this May 1977 date. Even though crossing lights and bells are installed and working, the crossing guard remains due to this being a "main drag" into the high school just beyond the tracks. The EL had ran 25 to 30 trains a day through here, easily justifying the need for the extra protection, but Conrail has pulled all but a handful of trains off this line, negating the need for that "personal touch" at this crossing. Note the shanty off to the far right, complete with a heater exhaust pipe and the guard's auto. There also appears to be a track gang "in the clear" down near the previous crossing. CR 6577 was delivered to the EL as their 3314.
Photo Date
Photo Location Name
5th St NW crossing
Conrail Road Number
General Electric

41.012144, -81.606483

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