A rare bird indeed, by November of 1979 all the ex PRR/PC Alco DL640's (RS27) were in deadlines or scrapped except for one, the 2407. A good runner, it managed to toil away until the Alco purge of Thanksgiving 1979. For a few brief days it ran with the new number of 5099, one of the very few Alco's that operated in the 5000 series, all in Youngstown, Ohio. The date is November 20th, 1979, 5 days before she would be shut down and deadlined with all the other 4 motor Centuries at Brier Hill, ending the 4 axle Alco Century era on Conrail.
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Brier Hill shops
Conrail Road Number
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41.09832, -80.650648

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