One has to dig deep to find the Conrail roots of this locomotive. It started life as Penn Central GP-40 #3113, and became Conrail 3113 after April 1st 1976. It would serve CR until being sold to the Denver and Rio Grande Western in 1983 as their 3131. The Union Pacific (successor to the DRGW/SP) would sell the unit to the W&LE in December of 2001 and it would run for a short while as WE 3131. The Wheeling would rebuild it to "GP-40-3" standards and renumber it to #302....but retain it's Rio Grande paint scheme. Shown here entering the Wingfoot Lake causeway...and scaring a bird in the the southbound train makes it's way towards Canton, Ohio with 28 loads of scrap.
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Wingfoot Lake
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41.021587, -81.347588

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