Former Reading T-1 4-8-4 #2102 and GTW 2-8-2 #4070 are working hard as they continue their climb up Horseshoe on their way back to Pittsburgh on May 22, 1977. All of the steam railfans got what they came for as the powerful Northern and her Mikado helper did not disappoint.

For the second week in a row, Steam Tours, Inc. ran a Pittsburgh to Altoona excursion led by the famed Reading Company T-1 #2102. The Northern was lettered "Allegheny" following her 1974 purchase from Steam Tours by the Allegheny RR Tour Group of Ohio.

Built October, 1945 at the Reading, PA shops using components from class I-10sa Consolidation #2044, T-1 #2102 was used for fast freight service until stored in the mid-1950's. As part of the Reading Company's successful Iron Horse Ramble excursions run from 1959-64, #2102 was used extensively.

After the Rambles ended, the T-1 was sold to Steam Tours in 1966, then to Allegheny RR Tour Group in 1974, and in 1977 sold to Rail Diversified of Ohio. In 1985, RCT&HS-sponsored tours to bring the Northern home to Reading, PA. Finally, #2102 was sold to Andrew Muller who operated tours into the 1990's on the Blue Mtn & Rdg tourist line and Reading & Northern. The steamer is stored in Port Clinton, PA on the R&N awaiting repairs.

(Historic info provided by the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society)

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Horseshoe Curve
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