Patiently waiting for the next stone train to arrive, this LaFarge U23B has a lot of history under that white paint job. It started life as Lehigh Valley 508, one of 12 GE's that would turn out to be the only GE's the LV would roster. It would be renumbered into the Conrail roster as the 2784 in 1976, eventually painted blue, and roam the system for almost 15 years. It was acquired by the Whitestone aggregate company and painted in their basic yellow scheme as WSTX 2784 until Whitestone was merged into Lafarge Stone a couple of years ago, eventually getting the corporate colors of white and black with the large green "L". As a note, it retains it's "Fast Eddie" name on the cab in this May 2008 shot at Alliance,Ohio.
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40.915336, -81.105931

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