Since today is the 4th, I'll toss this on the site. Both of these Erie Lackawanna RW&B units would become property of Conrail in a few months and get new numbers, 6669 and 6097, and run in this paint for a couple of years before dress blue was applied. The 3632/6097 survives today as the engine test bed at Altoona (ex CR Q1). In this photo 2nd NY100 cools it's wheels at JO in Akron for a Chessie to cross over in front of them. You can tell JO was a PC/Chessie controlled tower, as anyone in an EL tower that stopped this train would probably be unemployed after doing so!
Photo Date
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JO interlocking
Conrail Road Number
Predecessor Paint Scheme

41.084846, -81.515603

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