I started driving for JB Hunt in November 1995, a job that took me a lot of places. By that time, JB had become a big user of intermodal, and road drivers were, at that time, often called on to run rail freight to ramps. The network was still developing, and a lot of the runs were really OTR for the truck drivers, as we'd go several hundred miles to a ramp from the customer. In this case, I picked up a load from Dixie Cup in Bowling Green KY, taking it to BNSF at their Cicero ramp at Clyde Yard on the ex BN/CB&Q. The load was going to Portland. I had nothing planned on me, so I went out to Berwyn to wait on my next assignment, figuring I could watch the action while I waited for dispatch. It was a good show. While I was there, this 102 car eastbound showed up behind a solid set of CR power.
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General Electric

41.8332, -87.793288

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