A gathering of future Conrail units at Scranton, Pa. in early 1976, and strange as it may seem the newest unit seen in this photo would spend the least amount of time as Conrail property. EL 3354, a GE U34CH built to haul passengers in NY and NJ, was commandeered for freight service over the weekend and is seen mu'd to an EL SD45. Off to the right are 7091 and 7121, F7A's that were being used on the Bloom, but now stored as the EL has a surplus of power. The big GE was assigned CR number 4154, but never carried any Conrail markings as it was sold to NJDOT on Dec 2nd, 1976 making it a "Conrail" unit for only 8 months. The two F's had used up 8 of their 9 lives already, but a power short Conrail would pull them out of Scranton and send them west to Collinwood to join up with the ex PC F unit fleet. The 7121 would actually be renumbered 1891 and get the "CR" treatment and run with the pack for a while. The 7091, actually an "F5A", from what I can gather didn't fair as well and never got renumbered- it would have been CR 1885- and probably went to Chicago as trade in bait and scrapped in 1978....but corrections are welcome if anyone has other info on this unit.
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41.406744, -75.664985

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