The salt train power is on isolated trackage at P&L Jct. The train used Chessie trackage rights from Rochester to P&L Jct. to get to its own track in the Caledonia area. The track that the power is heading down is the old NYC "Peanut Line" that once ran from Batavia to Canandaigua. A short section of this line is all that remained at the time of CR, and it ran a couple of miles from P&L Jct. to downtown Caledonia. There is a chemical customer at the end of this spur in Caledonia. CR would often park the salt train power down in Caledonia when the crew outlawed. This trackage is all still in use today by the R&S.
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P&L Jct.
Conrail Road Number
Predecessor Paint Scheme

42.978297, -77.888485

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